The game of chess at JSPS started on 12th October 2016 with only 3 pupils. Over time, the club has progressively grown and now its taught in all classes as a lesson. It has enhanced competitiveness between boys and girls aged 7-14 years. Chess teaches problem solving skills and this has been evident in all our children. It has been a successful journey so far. We have managed to participate in several competitions and actually win several awards, as individuals and as a school. We have also participated in world championships in Russia twice and brought back enviable accolades. We have currently enrolled with chess Kids USA to enhance our skills and expose our children to more opportunities.


Clubs and societies are a great way to help develop a child's character and the skills that will benefit them in school, their career and in life. Skills like commitment, leadership, effective communication, and being able to work successfully in a group all come from participating in a club or society. The school has therefore dedicated time and skill set to development and enhancement of more than 10 clubs for this purpose.

Pastoral program

Jsps was founded on a christian foundation. we have set in place different programs for different denominations to ensure that we also take care of spiritual well being of our children. we have different religious events to pray and fellowship together. other than that, we have PPI program every friday before lessons where children are taught different lessons in christianity.

Educational Trips

While in-class teaching is the traditional and mostly used method of teaching, learning does occur in other places other than the classroom. Children are oftenly taken for educational trips all over the country and even outside the country for them to see the world and learn from it. The school arranges to have the kids experience the world in the most comfortable way while also adding to their knowledge.

Guidance and counselling

Children also face emotional disturbances based on the circumstances surrounding them. for this purpose, we have several trained teachers who are also counsellors who guide and advise the children whenever need be. we also, time after time, invite professional counsellors to speak to our children in order to prepare them for the challenges that they might come across in their lives.

Career coaching

Having a kindergarten and primary school, we create a foundation of what the future society will be. This also involves the careers that they will undertake in future. other than teaching, we spend quite some time exposing our children to different careers and also guiding them, based on their interests, on which path, career-wise, to follow. we ensure that children understand the paths they would want to take and help them understand the way to achieve that. we also invite career coaches to give professional advice to the children to help them make informed decisions.

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