Our Approach to Education

We believe that education is the key to any person’s future. Education being important, there is need to deliver it to the children in the best possible way in order to nurture interest and build a desire to gain the knowledge required for shaping a better future. For that reason, we have a more practical approach to it in this ways;

Individual attention

Every learner is different and require slight difference in how they are educated in order to attain everything that is delivered to them. For this reason, our teachers take time to learn and understand every child and the best way to educate them. This enables them to give personalized attention to every child. For this reason, the school has a big staff number to make sure that no child is left behind. 

Over the years, this has been working perfectly making us the best school in around. our results speak for themselves. 

Practical learning

Learning is not only done when a teacher passes knowledge to learners, the best way of the learners acquiring the knowledge and retaining it is by doing the activity required. 

For this reason, the school has put in place all the necessary requirements for this to be possible. We not only have uncountable equipment for this but, whenever required, we find the best possible solution outside the school just to ensure the desired knowledge and skill is delivered. 

Technology Integration

We are living in the age of technology. Technology has become a very integral part of day to day living and has made very many things easier and more effective. Education has also benefitted quite a lot from this and we have taken full advantage of this.

We have equipped our classes with necessary technology equipment and internet to ensure that in-class learning is at its best. This has enabled research, video learning among other advantages. This ensures that the content to be delivered is done soo in the best possible way therefore giving all our learners the best chance to acquire knowledge.

We were also the most successful school in Kenya in proving online education during lockdown. We keep improving to ensure nothing that comes cripples the stream of education and learning. 

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